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New parts

PowerTech can offer a range of components for a large variety of industrial gas turbine and steam turbine, but is specialized in the Siemens SGT600 for which we can offer ALL components ranging from combustion chambers, turbine blades and vanes to locking materials, gaskets and auxiliary equipment. PowerTech has an extensive network of highly respected manufacturers and partners through-out western Europe and the in the US.

Reverse engineering

PowerTech can offer reverse engineering (or re-engineering) of any component upon your request and includes detailed material and coating analysis, component 3D scanning, stress analysis etc. to create manufacturing models and manufacturing tooling. In addition we perform trial installation tests in order to check the components will fit in as an assembly.

Reconditioning / repair

PowerTech can offer reconditioning or repair of components upon request. There are many quality repair and reconditioning programs possible with modern technology and analysis capabilities. Your components will first receive a condition assessment after which you will receive a repair scope and subsequent offer.

Risk & spare parts management

PowerTech can help you define strategic spare for turbine overhauls: define inspection list (what will be inspected); Define the risk of findings (if we inspect parts, what is the chance of damage and what will be the effect. Based on our mutual and other user experience); Define solutions (is repair/reconditioning within the time frame an option and what will the costs be, or are additional spares required) and create final list and strategy.

Turbine Part capabilities

SGT600 (GT-10B)

ALL parts incl. auxiliaries and ABB controls

SGT400 (Ruston Cyclone)

Blade1+2 and Vane1+2

SGT700 (GT-10C)

Compressor rotor + stator parts

SGT800 (GTX100)

In process

V94.2 (SGT5-2000E)

Compressor Blades+vanes, Turbine Blades+vanes, Inner Casing, Mixing Chamber, Flame Tube, Tie-rod, ALL cons, heat shields, etc.

V94.2 (SGT5-2000E)

ANSALDO steam turbines, Novo Pignone steam turbines, Franco Tosi steam turbines, All models with necessity of reverse engineering


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